Benefits of Potato Juice For Skin and Face

Benefits of Potato Juice For Skin and Face

Everyone loves to consume potato in the form of various tasty dishes. Furthermore, they are rich in starch and helps in attaining glowing skin and prevents wrinkles. Besides Potato juice also has skin tightening properties . Hence it is very effective in reducing wrinkles. Potato juice can also be used together with other natural skin friendly ingredients for a naturally glowing skin.

Potato To Remove Dark Spots and Acne Scars

Take a potato and remove skin. Take a blender , make juice and filter the juice and keep it. In a mixing bowl take 1 tbsp of lemon juice and pure honey and add 2 tablespoons of potato juice to this. Mix everything well. Take a cotton pad and dip it in the mix and apply it on the affected area. Allow this to dry and wash after 2 hours.
Regular use of this mask will reduce the dark spots and blemishes from the skin.

Potato To Prevent Wrinkles

Mix potato juice with a teaspoon of milk and few drops of glycerine. Apply it on the skin and leave for 20 minutes. Later Wash off with Lukewarm water. The regular use of this mix will reduce wrinkles and make you look younger. 

Potato For Skin Brightening

Take potato juice and lemon juice in equal quantities and mix well. The natural bleaching properties of both potato and lemon is helpful in lightening the skin. As a result you get a glowing skin incidentally. Apply this regularly and feel the difference.

So then, use potato juice on your face on a regular basis and gain the immense benefits without burning your pocket. Above all its a natural and have no side effects. In comparison to chemical based products, using Natural Products Especially for face is always good. 

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