Get Shiny Hair With These Foods. Tips for Healthy Hair

Get Shiny Hair With These Foods. Tips for Healthy Hair

A good looking strong hair is dream for everyone. A healthy hair enhances the overall beauty and gives you younger look. Try these few foods for a healthy strong and shiny hair. 

Shiny Hair with Spinach

spinach for hair growth
spinach for hair growth

Spinach is loaded with iron & folate which are very vital in creating blood cells. These red blood cells supply oxygen to scalp and follicle cells which helps in hair growth. Iron Deficiency leads to hair Loss which we often see this happening pregnant woman. Add spinach to your recipes regularly and get shiny hair.

Healthy Hair with Soloman

Salmon or Fishes rich in omega 3 acids are very good for hair growth. This healthy fat feeds follicles and promotes hair growth. However, If you are a vegetarian go for flex seeds which are loaded with Omega 3 fatty acids.

Thicker Hair with Sweet Potato

Sweet Potato

Sweet Potatoes are loaded with beta-carotene which produces vitamin A. Vitamin A supplies sebum to follicles and it results in thicker and stronger hair.

Shiny Hair with Egg

To begin withEggs have everything that is good for hair. It have protein, biotin, zinc and selenium . All these provide good nutrition to hair and make it healthier and shining . Also, The biotin present in egg produces keratin a kind of protein which helps hair growth.

Gooseberry for Healthy Hair


Any Berries especially gooseberry is very good for hair. Berries rich in vitamin c are strong in anti oxidant properties. These anti oxidants protects hair from free radicles and keep the follicles healthy . Generally, Now a days pollution is high across many cites in the world. Our Hair gets damaged due to the polluted air and water. So taking vitamin c rich foods is very essential to keep the hair healthy. And as we all know vitamin c helps in absorbing Iron into the body. Therefore it is also very good for hair growth.

Along these once in a while apply homemade hair masks. As a rule Drink lots of water. Have at least 7 hours of sleep . Check your bathing water. If its too hard use water softeners. EspeciallyDon’t take bath with too hot or cold water. Use warm water. Massaging your hair with coconut oil & almond oil once in a week is good for hair strength. 

Some tips for Healthy Hair

Always Keep your Pillows Clean
Don’t wash your hair too often
Don’t Brush your hair hard and frequently
Finally, Avoid Heat Styling Equipment

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