Goodness of Mint to your Skin & Hair

Goodness of Mint to your Skin & Hair

Mint is a well known ingredient in cooking . Read this to know how it helps your skin condition.

This strong flavoured herb will also comes in the form of Moisturiser, Cleanser and Lotion. Specifically, mint and its essence are being used in a variety of products that enhance beauty. Here is the role of mint in improving our beauty.

Shiny Skin

Using mint oil can get better skin. Removes dead skin cells on the skin and makes the skin look brighter. Want to get a shiny skin? Use a few drops of mint oil directly into the skin and later notice the changes.

Hair Growth

Mint also helps for hair growth. Adding few drops of mint oil to your daily hair oil ( like coconut oil, almond oil ) and applying will increase the blood flow resulting in strong and healthy hair. 

Dry Hair

Is your hair dry? But mint oil can help you. For this purpose, add a few drops of mint oil to the coconut oil of the day and apply it to the hair. Doing this makes hair easier for hair and removes dryness of hair.

Oily Skin

Have a greasy skin? Add little mint oil to the apple cider and apply to the skin. This mixture increases the pH levels of the skin and reduces the high oils produced in the skin

Mint for Healthy Skin

The Antiseptic properties in mint prevents skin infections and treats scars . Applying mint oil reduces itchiness, acne  and makes your skin smooth and bright. 

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