How to get Pink Lips Naturally & Fast

How to get Pink Lips Naturally & Fast

Getting Healthy , tender pink lips naturally and fast is a dream for many women. Being a very sensitive part of face many wont prefer to use harsh chemicals to do so. But no worries we can get better results naturally and quickly. 

Women Lips plays vital role in her beauty. People are attracted towards Women’s Lips than any other facial feature. Maintaining Healthy, Tender & Pink Lips is very important to enhance the beauty of women face. Many women are worried about lip colour. Due to variety of reasons their lips colour changes to darker shade losing the original pink colour . 

Some of the reasons for dull and dark lips are Sun Exposure, Lipstick Quality, Lack of Hydration, insufficient Sleep, Stress, Smoking etc. 

Now we will check how to get back those tender pink colour attractive lips again to add beautiful smile on your face .

Scrub You Lips


Use Natural Scrubs on your lips every now and the. Honey is an excellent exfoliator . Put 2 drops of honey on your tooth brush and rub it on your lips.  Don’t be too hard on your lips. This removes dirt and dead skin on your lips and makes them brighter. You can also use sugar to do this. 

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is very good for lips. Vitamins C makes your lips pink. Add a pinch of sugar on lime slice and rub on your lips. 


Turmeric makes your lips brighter and lighter. Add few drops of rose water to turmeric and apply it on your lips. wash them off after 10 mins. doing this will give you pink lips.

Coconut Oil

Apply Coconut oil on to your lips before you sleep. Coconut oil naturally seals the moisture on the lips and makes them soft and tender. It prevents dryness and makes them look fresh.

ice cube massage
ice cube

Ice Cube Massage on your lips improves the blood circulation and makes them brighter and pink. You can make ice cubes with natural ingredient like pomegranate juice, cucumber juice and beetroot juice. Add these juices to the  ice tray and refrigerate it. You can also add few drops of rose water. Once the cubes are ready gently massage your lips with these cubes. 

Along with these moisture your lips regularly with unflavoured  and natural lip balms . Don’t bite or suck your lips . This will damage the texture of your lips and make them dry. Avoid smoking. When you go out in sun use  UV protection lip balms . 

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