Ice cube Massage with Natural Ingredients

Ice cube Massage with Natural Ingredients

An ice cube can soothe pimples, sunburns, and skin inflammation. A face massage with ice cubes can brighten your complexion by boosting blood circulation.

No one wants to spend on expensive skin care products when the same results are achieved using natural ingredients available at your home. Ice cubes with milk or cucumber can even exfoliate your skin. It can also prevent wrinkles by tightening the skin. These skin care tips brings lots of changes and enhances your beauty. 

If you are stressed out after a hectic day then take some ice cubes and wrap it in a soft cloth and rub it over your eyes. It will help you soothe your stress and remove puffiness of your eyes.

Now lets check the ingredients for this amazing ice cube facial.


Take half a cucumber and wash it. Also take a tomato. Make a fine paste of the cucumber pieces and tomato in a blender without adding any water. Filter this juice fully and keep it in a bowl. To this add 4 to 5 teapoons of curd, a tablespoon of multani mitti, a pinch of turmeric powder, a tablespoon of rosewater. If you have rosepetals available add these also to the mixture. Mix everything well and pour this into an ice tray. Once the ice cubes are ready take out from the tray and rub this gently onto your face in circular motion . Give a nice massage on your face and neck for around 5 minutes. Please do a patch test on your skin if you have a sensitive skin.

With these beauty tips, you can see the immediate results after doing this ice cube massage.You can store and use these cubes upto one week in freezer. Before going out for any parties or special occasions rub these ice cubes on your face for 5 minutes and you will get an instant visible glow. And that too without spending much of your money and time. 

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