Using Aloe Vera For Skin Care In Many Ways

Using Aloe Vera For Skin Care In Many Ways

Aloe vera is a multipurpose ingredient which has immense benefits for the skin. It is very effective in removing the sun tan,scars created due to acne etc.Not only these, it has antiaging benefits also.Aloe vera gel is extremely good for dry skin as it deeply hydrates the skin.The water content as well as antioxidants present in aloevera help to treat dull skin. This makes the skin appear bright and revitalized.

Before starting the facial take a small aloe vera leaf and wash it. Remove the rough thorny edges using a knife.Take a spoon and scoop the gel from inside. Make a paste of this gel in a blender and keep aside.This gel we can make use in all the facial steps.


Into a mixing bowl take a tablespoon of raw milk and 2 spoons of aloevera gel.Mix them well.Apply it all over your face and neck. Gently massage it .This will help in removing the dirt and oil from the facial pores.Take a clean cotton pad and gently wipe all over the face for removing this.

face scrub

2. Scrubbing
Take a small piece of aloevera. Apply some ricepowder or granulated sugar onto the gel part. Rub it all over the face and neck. This scrub will help in removing the whiteheads and black heads from the skin.

face steaming

3. Steaming
Take a clean cloth and dip in hot water.Place this on your face and let this rest for 5 minutes.Alternatively you can directly apply steam to your face using a facial steamer.This will help in exfoliating.


4. Massage
Massaging helps the skin from sagging and helps in lifting the skin. Take a mixing bowl and add 2 spoons of aloevera gel.To this add a vitamin E capsule and gently massage from neck to face in circular motion. Allow this paste to leave on the skin for 5 minutes. Massaging helps us to prevent from wrinkles.
Once it is dried take a wet cottonpad and wipe it .

face mask
Face Mask

5. Face pack
In a mixing bowl add half a teaspoon of turmeric powder and multani mitti.To this add few drops of aloevera juice and make a thick paste.Apply this all over the face and neck avoiding the eye area. Allow this to leave on skin for 20 minutes.After 20 mnutes fash off with cold water.

After finishing all these steps tone your face using rosewater and moisturise using aloevera gel. This is absolutely low cost facial with all the natural ingredients available inside your house.This facial gives a natural glow to your skin.

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