What is Cupping Therapy and its Benefits

What is Cupping Therapy and its Benefits

Cupping Therapy is there from ages in china & Egypt. It was invented in 15th century . Now again its trendy with many celebrities and athletes going through this therapy.

Many Athletes & Celebrities claimed that it was very beneficial  to them and have almost no risk factors. 

There are many benefits to this Therapy . It is good for removing scar, eliminating wrinkles, treats skin disorders like eczema, acne,etc.. Its also good for weight loss, Arthritis and many blood related disorders.
Its treats back pains, colds and flu, digestive disorders and cellulite.

Basically cupping therapy improves blood circulation and deep tissue massage. It Improves Metabolism and Removes Toxins from the body.

 If you are taking medicines like aspirin and ibuprofen and have any bleeding consult a doctor before going to this therapy .

There are many kinds of cupping therapy like vacuums cupping, facial cupping, magnetic cupping, wet cupping, dry cupping, oil cupping or massage cupping etc..

Basically, Cupping in general is creating vacuum in a cup and placing it on the skin. this vacuum will expand the blood vessels and helps in deep tissue massage. 

When someone gets hurt the cupping therapy increases the blood flow and heals muscle fibres. 

Most common cupping is dry cupping where the therapist puts a alcohol dipped cotton ball on fire and keeps it inside a glass, ceramic or bamboo cut. Then they remove the flame and places the cup on the skin  quickly. Once the air is cooled inside the cup it forms vacuum and starts its work. Generally these cups are placed on the skin for about 15 minutes. 

Massage cupping is similar to this where the therapist applies oil to the skin before performing cupping. 

You can also perform this at home buying the cupping therapy set.

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