Wired beauty hacks around the world

Wired beauty hacks around the world

Many People around world practice and follow variety of methods to enhance there beauty. some invent new ideas and some follow the age old traditions. Here are few beauty hacks practiced around the world. 

Due to good sun shine in Australia most of the Australians use skin lotions which contain Sunsrceen.


Australian Woman Uses Tomato Ketchup for Hair Wash. Because of sun rays the blood hair turns green and looks dull. Ketchup hair wash helps them to remove the green strains and make the hair colour to much darker brown shade. 

Orange Lipstick

In America and many western countries woman use light orange colour lipstick to cover their under eye dark circles. 

They use Aspirin Tablet Powder for instant relief from pimples. They Mix few drops of rose water to aspirin powder and apply it on pimples to decrease inflammation . 


Yummy Chocolate Lip Balm. People around world love chocolate , especially younger girls. Anyone will love to have a chocolate lip balm. And it will be amazing if its homemade. How to make it ? Melt 1 tablespoons of dark chocolate or normal according to your preference in a small bowl. once its melted add 1 tablespoon of ghee and mix well . Again melt it and add once more spoon of ghee. Cool it for sometime & Refrigerate it for 10 mins . Now you can use this as lip balm to treat dry and cracked lips. 

Many in India eat yogurt (curd) mixed with sugar. Same can be used as face scrub. Applying this scrub will help healing acne ,the probiotics in yogurt acts on pimples & acne .
In India its very common woman applying turmeric to face. Due to its Anti Inflammatory properties it treats many skin disorders , removes acne & pimples. They mix turmeric with rosewater or curd or neem oil and make a fine paste . Some woman just mix water to turmeric powder and apply to the face. They will wash it off after 15 mins with warm water. 
In India People also use green gram powder for bath. They apply it over wet body and use it as scrub. It makes your skin bright and smooth. 

Oat Meal

In some cold countries they add Oat meal to bath. This will make skin smoother and locks in the moisture . 
Some People add few tablespoons of apple cider vinegar into a bucket of warm water for bath. It has antimicrobial properties which help to fight sin infections and decreases irritation. 

In Egypt Milk Bathing is famous . They add milk and honey to the bath . They use this combination for facials also. They act as exfoliator and rehydrates your skin. Milk gives smooth and glowing skin. 
In Egypt , India and Some Middle East countries they use henna for hair. Henna gives thick brown colour colour to the hair and makes it strong and shining . 

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