30’s Woman Skin Care Tips – Follow this Routine

30’s Woman Skin Care Tips – Follow this Routine

Maintaining healthy & glowing skin after 30’s is a challenging task. We need to take extra care of out skin & body after this age. For that we need to follow certain skin care routine . We need to provide sufficient nutritions to the skin and remove harmful toxins & dirt from our skin. Here are few things we need to take care of.

UV Rays

By this time your skin might have been damaged a bit due to sun exposure. make it a habit to use sunscreens. UV light is one of the main enemies for your skin. Product your skin from it. And using moisturiser is fine where you are in house or night time. But Going out with moisturiser with out sunscreen will have negative effect on skin. It leads to skin tanning . Always Apply Sunscreen lotion after applying moisturiser . 

As you become older dark circles are formed under your eyes. Take care of it with under eye cream. Apply under eye cream before you go to sleep everyday. Using UV Sunglasses when going out is another good habit.  

neck care
neck care

Many woman ignore neck area. As you age the skin on the neck loses up and forms wrinkles. Do neck exercises everyday. Apply moisturiser to neck regularly. When you do facial cover the neck area also. A beautiful neck decreases you age. 

Exfoliating is very important at this age. Using Natural scrubs will remove all the dead cells, dirt and impurities from your skin. 

Detox your body once in a while to remove all the toxins from the body . Due to heavy pollution , foods we eat lot of toxins enter into our body. It effect overall health along with skin. Detoxing with homemade detox drinks remove all the toxins in out body and gives us glowing young skin. 

Along with this regular exercise , drinking sufficient water and at least 7 hours sleep is good for skin. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables instead of processed foods , caffeine and sugars. 

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