Best foods for clear skin – Healthy Skin Tips

Best foods for clear skin – Healthy Skin Tips

To have a healthy and clear skin we have to be cautious of what we eat. Some of the best foods for clear skin are mentioned below. By following these tips & avoiding certain foods will give you glowing skin.


The Very 1st Rule for A Healthy Skin – Drinks lots of water everyday. Keep your Body hydrated . Drinking water will also Help You Flush out he toxins in the body. 

Eat Anti Oxidant rich foods like green leaf vegetables, nuts, berries etc. This will remove the harmful toxins from the body and keep the skin healthy.

Eat Zinc rich foods like sunflower seeds, chicken, beans, eggs etc.. They help in improving collagen production in the body which is very good for skin. 

Take Anti Inflammatory food like turmeric , oranges, olive oil which protects the skin for ageing & general skin disorders.  

Decrease Sugar, Oils & Spicy foods and eat more vegetables and fresh fruits . Eat sufficient amount of fibre foods everyday. 

Vitamin C is very good for skin. It is a great antioxidant and improves skin colour . Having lime juice with warm water in the morning helps. 

Take Probiotic rich foods like yogurt which keeps your gut health good and prevent any toxins leaking from your gut. Gut leakage is one the reasons for many skin deceases like psoriasis.

Taking vitamin Selenium ,B12 & B6 Foods is good for skin. Brazil nuts, Mushrooms, Beans and Meat are rich in selenium. Fish, Vegetables, chicken, eggs etc are rich in vitamin B12 & B6 .

Some Worst Foods for Skin Include
1. Processed Foods
2. Sugars
3. Refined Carbs & Oils
4. Soy & Milk for Certain Skin Allergies 
5. Modern Day Wheat ( Wheat Breads, Cookies etc.)
6. Foods Contain Gluten like Wheat, Sauces, Processed Meat & Condiments.
7. Alcohol, Sodas & Caffeine   

Along with these detox you body with natural drinks once in a while . Body detoxing is very important now a days to flush out all the toxins from our body which are accumulated due to pollution in environment , bad food habits, drinking water etc.. 

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