How to Beat Dry Skin – Skin Care Tips

How to Beat Dry Skin – Skin Care Tips

Coconut Oil

Apply Natural Coconut Oil on your skin before you sleep and take a warm water bath in the morning.


Soak a cup of oats in water , milk or curd for 20 mins. Apply it on your wet body and face while taking bath & wash with warm water.

dry skin tips


Never Bath for too long. Max 15 Mins

Don’t use Hard Soaps.

Dont Bath in too cold or too hot water. Warm water is the best

Apply Moisturiser when your body is still little wet. Don’t rub your body with towel. Just pat it .  



Physical Activity is always good for any type of skin. It Flushes out all the toxins in the body in the form of sweat and makes your skin fresh. It Improves Blood Circulation in the Skin and Provide Nourishments .


Chose Right kind of cloths for the season. Wear Cotton Cloths in Summer and Soft and Warm cloths in winter. Avoid Synthetic cloths. Cloths Made of Natural Colours are preferable. 


Avoid Spicy and Oily Foods and go for Vegetables and Fruits . Eat Fruits and Vegetables With lots of water content (melons , cucumber etc) . 

And Finally Drink Lots of Water Everyday and Sleep at least for 7 Hours. 

Check for Natural Skin care Products good for All skin types.

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