How to live with oily skin? Skin care tips

How to live with oily skin? Skin care tips

Oily Skin problems are more than one. People with oily skin sweats a lot , frequent break out of pimples , blackheads, bad body disorder and many more. It worsens in summers and in humid climates. Here are few tips to tackle oily skin effectively. 


Wash your face regularly . Always wash your face every time you return from outside. Take bath at least twice a day. 

Face Mask

Use natural homemade face masks . tomato juice is very good for dry skin. Apply tomato juice to the face for 15 mins and wash it off. Multani Mitti is also very good for oily skin.


Facial and Body steaming is very good for oily skins. It open the pores and removes the oils and dirt from the skin.


Avoid Artificial Soaps with lots of chemicals  and go for Natural Ingredient Soaps.  Avoid Soaps with Moisturisers. 


Lime is Very good for Oily Skin. Cut the lime into 2 pieces and directly rub it on face & body. Wash with warm water after a while. It removes extra oils from your skin. Drink Lime Juice every morning with warm water. 


Avoid Foods Rich in sugars, oil, spices. Preserved & processed foods must be reduced. Go for Protein Rich food like eggs, lean chicken and meat. Eat Lots of Green Leafy Vegetables and Fruits. 

Life Style

Maintain Healthy Life Style . Exercise to flush out the oils in the skin . Drink Lots of Water. Sleep Well & Maintain Good Weight. 

Before Sleep

Remove all your make up, take bath in warm water or at least wash your face , wear light cotton lose cloths. Keep your Bed sheet & Pillows Clean. 

Apple Slices

Apple are full of vitamins and minerals and its very good for oily skins. Rubbing Apple slices on your face will prevent your skin from producing excess oils. It keeps your skin fresh and healthy. 

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