Natural Home Remedies for Acne – Skin Care

Natural Home Remedies for Acne – Skin Care

Acne is a very common skin disorder now a days. Though its not a serious threat its very irritating and leads to stress. Sometimes when not treated well it leads to scars and infection. Acne can be caused due to pollution, polluted water, chemical filled cosmetics, unhealthy food habits etc. All these results in accumulating harmful toxins in our body and skin will be effected if these toxins are not sent out of our body regularly. Here are some natural home remedies for acne which are safe and mild on your skin unlike chemicals filled cosmetics . 


Boil Lettuce in water till it becomes soft and water is evaporated totally. Now make a fine paste of it & apply on effected areas .

Milk & Lime

Boil a Cup of milk well, till the quantity decreases to a bit. Leave it for 10 mins till it becomes cool. Squeeze 2 limes into this and apply to the effected area. 


Tomato Gives Good relief for acne problem. Take a fully ripen tomato and make a fine paste . Apply it on the skin and wash after 20-30 mins with warm water.


Drink Lots of Water. Eat Green Vegetables and Fruits . Cut down sugar, gluten, caffeine and oil. Sleep at least 7 hrs a day.  Take pro biotic foods like yogurt. 


Acne can be caused due to liver problems. It can be a result of excess toxins in your body. Along with daily exercise follow a detox diet once in a month. You can check Detox Drinks Recipes Here


Honey has anti bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Applying Honey to the effected areas helps a lot. It removes harmful bacteria from the skin. 

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