Makeup Tips for Dark Skins – Day And Night

Makeup Tips for Dark Skins –  Day And Night

We all know true beauty comes from within. But that doesn’t mean there’s any shame in getting a little boost from beauty products to help us feel our best.  Whether for a big meeting at work or a big night on the town, the right beauty plan can elevate both your look and your confidence

Here we will see some day and night special makeup tips for dark skins.

Makeup Tips for Dark Skins – Day Meetings & Functions

Face: For a fresh and dewy look, mix your foundation with moisturiser. For light contouring, use a shade of powder or foundation that’s a little darker than your natural color on your cheekbones and jawline.

Eyes: In the first place, apply concealer under eyes to cover any dark circles; set with a bit of dark powder. On the lids, use neutral colors that accent your skin tone; Such as reddish browns and light browns are good choices. Instead of eyeliner, use dark brown eyeshadow to give subtle depth. And next Finish with mascara on lashes.

Brows: Use an eyebrow powder pencil for a soft and matte finish. Color in brows with pencil and use a brush to smooth out the color for an even look.

Cheeks: Use a brush that’s light and fluffy, so it doesn’t apply heavy color. Add highlighter by applying to the top of your cheekbone and up toward your eyes.

Lips: Start with a maroon lip liner and add a pink gloss with some shine.

Makeup Tips for Dark Skins – For Night Parties & Functions

Face: You can use the same face regimen as for day for the most part, and touch up with concealer where needed. Add some additional contouring and highlighting. In addition toYou can go with a more dramatic contour and highlight for evening appeal.

Eyes: Use deep, rich colors to enhance eyes. IncidentallyA rusty-colored metallic looks really nice on dark skin. Blend a non-metallic shade that’s similar in color into the lid and highlight with its metallic counterpart. Add a darker shade in the crease. Finish with a waterproof liner in a true black. Apply false lashes and mascara.

Brows: Enhance with a brow pencil in a darker shade compared to the one used for daytime.

Cheeks: Same as day; add a fresh coating of blush and highlighter.

Lips: Line with a berry-colored liner, and fill in lips with a liquid lipstick in a deep maroon color. Finally Finish with a swipe of brighter red lipstick on top.

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