Egyptian Costumes For Women: Channel Your Inner Cleopatra


Egyptian costumes for women are a rage nowadays. Fortunately, the costumes now come in handy.When talking of a quintessential beauty, perhaps no one could surpass the popularity of the Egyptian goddess Cleopatra whose beauty transcends not only time but also different definitions of beauty the world over. These days, the Cleopatra craze is still not over as women are still clamoring for the Cleopatra look and her exquisite looking costumes. Luckily, the supplies are not running low either as more and more manufacturers are making Egyptian costumes for women to copy Cleopatra’s look.Who wears Egyptian costumes nowadays and when? Well for one, Hollywood women still easily wear them. Especially during red carpet premieres and shows, you can easily spot a Hollywood star dress to the nines with her Egyptian-inspired outfit. The costume and the richness of the Egyptian history are so popular in the tinsel town, even the great Elizabeth Taylor made a classic movie about the supreme goddess Cleopatra and donned on all those beautiful Egyptian costumes.One might ask: what does an Egyptian costume for women look like anyway? A typical Egyptian costume for women can be simply defined as flashy elegance. First off, a typical Egyptian costume is made of light and airy fabric such as a tunic which is wrapped around the body. In ancient Egypt, the costumes were printed with Egyptian character on colored tunics. There came several twists however during the period of Cleopatra when women wore more navel-baring two-piece outfits in outrageous metallic colors. These costumes were simply chic, but what really distinguishes them are the flashy and intricate headpieces and jewelry, usually made of bronze, silver or gold, worn around the neck of women. Often, the kind of jewelry can distinguish a woman’s status in life.Egyptian costumes for women are also great as Halloween costumes. They may be very difficult to achieve but you can find tips on how to create your very own Egyptian dress at home. All you need is a large square piece of white tunic folded into halves. Next, for your head to fit into the dress, cut a hole in the fold then sew the sides together, just enough to leave wide openings where your arms can fit. You just now created your very own Egyptian dress. Simply put on heavy eyeliner on your eyes and make sure that they extend beyond the edge of your eyes and let the line go upward. You can add in an expensive looking gold jewelry and an embellished outfit to maximize your look. As for footwear, you can opt to choose flat, strappy, gold sandals to match your outfit.It’s that easy. Every woman needs to feel beautiful so make or buy your own Egyptian costume for women now and channel that Cleopatra energy in you.Source: Free Articles from ArticlesFactory.com

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