Day & Night Special Makeup Tips for Olive / Brown Skin

Day & Night Special Makeup Tips for Olive / Brown Skin

We all know true beauty comes from within. But that doesn’t mean there’s any shame in getting a little boost from beauty products to help us feel our best. Whether for a big meeting at work or a big night on the town, the right beauty plan can elevate both your look and your confidence.

Check the Makeup Tips for Brown Skin separately for day and night events. 

Makeup Tips for Brown Skin – Day Meetings and Functions

Face: Start by applying a primer or moisturizer that is hydrating and luminous, which is especially helpful in the winter months. Next, use a foundation that offers light coverage and a dewy look. Top with a setting powder. Finally, set your makeup to last all day with a setting spray.

Eyes: Prep your lids with a primer, to make eyeshadow last longer. Use a transition color on the brow bone and lids, and blend a slightly darker shade from the outer “V” and a darker option into the crease. Lastly, Finish with mascara on upper and lower lashes.

Brows: To fill in brows, use a tinted eyebrow gel that will stick to hair follicles. As a result you will get an appearance of having fuller brows.

Cheeks: For olive skin, a bronzer looks really nice and natural for a day look. Apply to cheekbones. Add a touch of blush and highlighter.

Lips: A light lining of natural-colored lip liner works well to give the illusion of fuller lips. And a swipe of matte lipstick topped with gloss adds color and shine.

Makeup Tips for Brown Skin- Night Parties and Functions

Face: You can use the same face regimen as for day, and touch up with concealer where needed.

Eyes: Add a little more light-brown color to the crease and brow bone. Use a darker brown in the corner of eyes to make eyes pop. On the insides of the eye, use a gold eyeshadow with a bit of shimmer to brighten. You also can blend it onto the lid, about halfway to where it meets the darker brown. Use the same shades underneath the lash line on the lower lid, and then use a waterproof gel eyeliner on the top lid. SubsequentlyFinish with false eyelashes and mascara.

Brows: If needed, add an extra coat of tinted eyebrow gel.

Cheeks: Accentuate with extra bronzer and highlighter to freshen up and enhance the cheekbones.

Lips: Start with a red wine-colored lip liner. Often times, mixing lip colors can give you the best result. If you feel like your red lipstick has blue tints, you can add a true red on top for a balanced and softened look.

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