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Whether your skin is in good condition or in need of repair, basic skin care is essential. I recommend all my clients to use a daily maintenance, repair and prevention program for basic skin care.

Maintenance is basically four easy steps for beautiful skin. Each day you:
  1. Cleanse to remove impurities
  2. Exfoliate (when needed) to remove dead skin cells
  3. Tone to refine pores and help stimulate skin circulation
  4. Moisturize to soften and hydrate skin
Repair is to help repair the signs of aging for firmer, smoother-looking skin. Many skin care products focus on particular trouble areas like eyes, lips or hands. These repair products may combine super-exfoliating alpha hydroxy acids with skin-stimulating ingredients to restore a youthful radiant skin. A popular repair product is the microderm abrasion system. It helps reduce the appearance of pores, age spots, pigment, irregularities, acne scars, fine lines and wrinkles.

Prevention is the final part of the basic skin care program. Now that you have your skin clean and in a healthy condition, prevention helps you keep your skin in that condition. Many prevention skin care products will increase hydration and improve skin smoothness through different methods such as enriched vitamins protecting your skin for a lifetime.

Click Here and tell me you are ready to begin your basic skin care program and start enjoying natural healthy radiant skin.

About the Author:
Jodi L. Feeney is a Skin Care Consultant with over 5 years in the beauty industry. To read more articles on skin care, visit

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