Cleansing Skin Care- 5 Powerful Tips To Give Your Face The Love It Deserves

Cleansing Skin Care- 5 Powerful Tips To Give Your Face The Love It Deserves

Your face is something that you want to feel pride in.  Cleansing skin care is the most important part of the skin care process.  Skin cleansing is critical to making sure your face is not only clean but healthy looking and has that special glow.

1. Your skin could be oily, dry, normal, sensitive or highly allergic.  It’s important to be using the right product for your skin type.  It’s never a good idea to clean your face with common bar soaps.  They normally are rough and contain chemicals that are extremely irritating to even the strongest and least sensitive skin.

2. Clean with warm water and be careful of tap water.  It can contain chemicals that are irritants and mineral water is a better choice if possible.  Cleaning twice a day in the morning and before going to bed is the best discipline. 

3. Exfoliating is an important step in the cleansing skin care process.  Exfoliating will rid the face of old makeup, deep dirt and skin that is dead and needs to be removed.  The result is opening and clearing of the pores and a regrowth of new skin cells.  After exfoliation, the face will feel and look more vibrant.  Vibrant equals feeling better about yourself and having the glow that you’re really after.

4. Skin cleansing also requires a really specific moisturizer for your skin type.  You want to be hydrated but at the same time you don’t want a shiny, greasy look.  The main thing is to enable your pores to breath, your moisturizer needs to be absorbed naturally.

5. The best cleansing skin care product is natural and organic.  These products are generally non toxic, safe and the most effective.  They usually contain herbal oils rather than a petroleum type of oil.  The commonly found skin cleansing product is often full of synthetic chemicals which can be very toxic.  Remember your skin and especially your face should be your pride and joy.  Don’t apply something on your skin that you wouldn’t feel safe eating.

The bottom line with these products is to get that unexpected compliment about how you’re really looking good.  Or even betterHealth Fitness Articles, “You’re looking younger”.  Wow!

I’ve done extensive research into skin care and I’ve arrived at some conclusions and products that may surprise you.  Please visit my site and see some of the results.

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