Diet Program Review: Zone Diet

Diet Program Review: Zone Diet

D Barry Sears states, “The American public is overweight due to a high intake of carbohydrates, and that this style of eating causes an overproduction of insulin. The solution is to eat a lower carb, higher protein, and moderate fat diet to balance these hormones within the preferred zone.” So how does the Zone diet compare with other diets? The Zone diet is quick to point out that this diet works primarily because of its low calories, not their magic ratio of macronutrients. This diet does not prohibit any foods, but restricts foods that are high in fat and carbs such as starches, grains, and pastas. Other diets either emphasize a low carb or low fat option, the Zone diet simply uses both nutrients, just in a smaller percentage. This diet is actually not bad compared to some of the lower carb diets available. The Zone diet does have its weak areas considering some of the recipes are full of nutritional misinformation. Another problem Zone has is that it suggests impractical food combinations such as beer and cottage cheese in one meal. Despite these prolems, go ahead and try Zone for yourself and find out if it works for you. Until next timeComputer Technology Articles, later.






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