Four Health Tips for the New Year

Four Health Tips for the New Year

To many people, the New Year symbolizes
a chance to start over and make new commitments to their health and wellness.
It is a time of resolutions and strict dietary plans, when new memberships to
fitness facilities are at an annual peak, and vows are renewed to abstain from
eating fattening, processed and sugary foods. Regardless of all these
intentions, many of these strict guidelines people create for themselves can be
a challenge to follow on a long term basis. Here are 4 manageable tips to keep
you in good health all year:


Since the average adults loses 10 cups
of water every day through urine, breathing, sweating, and bowel movements,
drinking water every day – especially first thing in the morning – helps
prevent dehydration. Water is essential for good health, so replace what you
are losing by drinking purified water throughout the day. Adding a squeeze of
lemon juice to your daily cup of water can add benefits by helping to cleanse
your system.

Refined Sugar

Besides causing your metabolism and
insulin levels to fluctuate wildly, sugar depresses your immune system and
promotes inflammation in the body. In addition, reducing sugar intake from
foods and drinks such as white bread, sweets and soft drinks may actually
increase your energy.

More Sleep

Try to get 8 hours of sleep every night.
If you have trouble falling asleep, consider traditional herbs such as
passionflower, hops and valerian. You may also want to consider supplementing
with 5HTP, a precursor to serotonin production, which will improve your sleep
patterns. Chronic sleep deprivation is detrimental to your health and has been
linked to heart disease, diabetes and cancer, among other degenerative conditions.


Consider alternative therapies such as
massage, homeopathy and acupuncture for stress relief, the treatment of chronic
health issues or as preventative medicine. Many find significant relief by
complementing their current regime with time-tested, traditional therapies.
These modalities are holistic in nature, meaning they have the potential to
address all aspects of your being – physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.

Renewing your commitments to health and
vibrancy does not mean you have to engaging in extreme adjustments. Making
simpler choices that fit your lifestyle while also
addressing your health needs will allow you to set the stage for achieving the
resolutions and goals that inspire you this yearFeature Articles, and for years to come. 

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