Home Remedies for Beauty Tips

Home Remedies for Beauty Tips


Hair Treatments


Conditioners, extraordinary shampoos and other hair treatments products can improve
the shine of your hair, help defend it and even repair a number of breaks. But
if you are frightened of the high price tag that frequently accompanies salon
quality products, here are number of easy at home hair remedies that do the trick.


Home Remedies for
Dull Hair


Lemon juice – Combine
lemon juice with water and for rinse for added shine and bounce.

Baking soda – Combine
baking soda into your shampoo to eliminate dirt and grease.

Beer – After
shampooing hair, rinse hair with flat beer to add body and shine.

Herbal Tea – Boil
herbal tea leaves and let cool it. Apply liquid to dry hair and let sit for twenty
minutes and after that rinse with lukewarm water.


Home Remedies for Oily


Carrots – Boil
and mash carrots and apply to hair and wash and rinse after fifteen minutes.

Aloe and Lemon –
Combine 1/2 teaspoon of aloe and one tablespoon of lemon juice with regular
shampoo and wash and rinse.


Home Remedies for Dry


Apply a deep conditioning treatment one time in a week. Work
any of the subsequent ingredients through hair, put on a shower cap or cover
with saran wrap, let sit for twenty minutes, wash and rinse.


– Egg yolk

– Mashed avocado

– Mashed banana

– Mayonnaise

– Olive oil/ baby oil/coconut oil


Skin Treatments


Home Remedies for
Oily Skin /Acne


Garlic – Natural
anti-bacterial properties make garlic a most excellent acne treatment. Press into a paste and apply on acne skin region.

Honey and apple
– Mash both of them together and apply to individual pimples.

Tomato paste – Apply
a layer to face and let dry, wash.

Cooked oatmeal
– Apply a layer to face and let dry, wash.

Egg yolk – Apply
a layer to face and let dry, wash.


Home Remedies for Dry


Almond oil – Make
use of as a primer previous to foundation or as a night moisturizer.

Banana – Mash
and apply to face and let sit for twenty minutes.


Mayonnaise – Apply
to face and let sit for twenty minutes.


Home Remedies for Exfoliating


Coffee – Mix a
quarter cup of ground coffee with 1 tablespoon of salt and rub on face then
rinse off.

Pineapple – A natural
acid exfoliant; puree pineapple and apply to skin; let sit for twenty minutes.


Nail Treatments


Most nail damage is the outcome of environmental influences
(washing dishes, housework, yard work, etc.), therefore try to protect your
nails from these culprits. But when all else fails, one at home remedy can rescue dry, brittle nails:


Olive oil -
olive oil moisturizes nails and softens cuticles without weakening them,
preventing hang nails caused by dry skin. Immerse nails in olive oil for a few
minutes each week.


Tips for Teeth


Teeth discoloration can point the finger at a lot of
offenders – ageing, smoking, consuming staining foods and beverages similar to
coffee, red wine, cola, and blueberries. So it is expected that lots of turn to
teeth whitening to restore those that were once pearly.


You have your pick of luxurious teeth whitening procedures
and over the counter chemical treatments, but for a more natural solution, try
making a paste of the following ingredients:


Strawberries – They
contain malic acidArticle Submission, which acts as a mild astringent when mixed with baking soda
or powder.


Lemon juice and
– It contains acid.

– Baking soda and apple cider vinegar.

– Bay leaves and orange peel.

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