Professional Skin Care Look

Professional Skin Care Look

Professional Skin Care Look

When you walk in a room, have people notice your Beauty not your make-up!

The place to start for skin care that looks professional is clear healthy skin, it’s a must. Whereas many women simply wash their face, cleansing the skin is important to the final finish. To effectively cleanse the skin, NEVER, EVER use soap off the shelf of the drugstore or grocery mart. A professional cleansing product that is specifically developed for your skin type is mandatory. World-class products, supplied by IH Distribution, include Cleansing Cream for dry skin, Cleansing Lotion for oily skin, hydrating wash with anti-aging properties for mature skin. More information about these products can be obtained from www.ihdistribution.com. Next, NEVER scrub your face with a washcloth, always use the fingertips. Rinse with lukewarm water and pat dry with a towel.

A critical step often missed is the use of a toner or freshener, which is also directly tailored to your skin type; this is important because it will remove any remaining oil, debris, or remnants the cleanser left behind. Then, using the proper moisturizer (again, tailored to your skin type) is paramount.

The foundation used is vitally important because where eye shadow, blush and lipstick may accent your facial features; the foundation sets the tone for a woman’s visual appearance. Find a shade that disappears into your skin, which will be the correct shade for your complexion. IH Distribution has 15 different shades for which one perfectly matches everyone’s skin. The About Face Line Defiance Makeup is SPF8, which smoothes the look of fine lines and wrinkles. The new line of liquid makeup is blended with vitamins A & E to protect against the invisible enemy – Time.

When using a blush to accent facial features, use a slightly darker shade to provide a contour to your face and provide cheekbones that “lift” from your face. Start at the earlobe down towards the cheek so a “glob” isn’t left on the cheek. Use a blush that is lighter in color to bring out the highlights.

Eye makeup – use shadows to effectively reflect your moods! Take time to practice and you can apply eye shadow accurately and easily. Keep in mind that light colors highlight features and dark colors diminish. Use either 2 or 3 different shades, start with the lightest first on the entire eye lid, medium lower only and the darkest on the outer corner which provides a perception of depth.

Eyeliner should be applied with short strokes and remember to start at the center and work outside to the corners.

To complete the look and the mood, quality mascara finishes your eye make-up — with dark eyes use navy, black, or dark brown.

Nail color – Use a polish that compliments the overall tones of your make-up. For example, if you were using natural shades on your lips and cheeks, stay with a natural color for nails.

Finally, lip color adds the striking appearance that makes a woman stand out and appear desirable. A professional skin care tip is to try to use a lip pencil to outline the lips prior to lipstick application; it’s a personal thing but very defining on some women. Also, try a small brush from tube lipstick to help define the contours of the mouth but, more importantly, really control the amount of color that’s applied. Another professional skin care tip is to lightly apply powder over the lips before applying the lipstick which helps it stay on longer. For effective lipstick stain removal, apply a dab of glycerin and wash as usual.

Check IH Distribution’s 10 About Face Lip Pencils and 28 About Face Lipsticks. Virtually a rainbow of colors, one is sure to fit and shade your lips with beautiful color, moistures, and antioxidant protection. Favorite colors are Mysterious, Smolder, Whisper, and Celebrity. The products are available online at www.ihdistribution.com.

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